Monday, December 19, 2011

Homemade Omnidroid Robot Costume -The Incredibles Robot Costume

My daughter actually came up with the idea herself that she could be The Robot. I instantly had a vision of what it could look like in my mind because I had experience with a giant paper mache ball before. 
I was Mike Wazowski when my daughter was 1. My husband was Sully and my daughter was Boo.

Unfortunately we were poor college students and had very little money so I had to use what I had on hand for leggings and longs sleeve shirt. It would have been so much cooler with green. But, as it was the impact was fantastic! 

This costume was very inexpensive and simple to make. I started off by busting out my Core Secrets Exercise ball. 
Pretend like it's all blown up and big. 

I didn't do this tutorial as I went along because I was too frantically trying to get it finished. SO you'll just  have to use your imagination. Next I Paper Mached it. If you're not familiar with Paper Mache it is really messy and fun. You rip strips of newspaper and then dip them in a flour and water mixture that is the consistency of pancake batter. As you pull it out of the mixture you slide it between the fingers of your other hand to remove some of the excess mixture. There are several recipes and different mediums to use, but I find this to be the simplest, cheapest, most sturdy method and quick too! I prefer to use Newspaper Strips because newspaper is thin too. Just Google or Youtube it if your not sure what to do. Then you just cover the entire ball. I did a layer and let it dry and repeated four times. I wanted it to hold up. This took me about a week of my time because I'm a busy gal. I let it dry overnight and then put a new layer on in the morning. Oh and I set the ball in a flat bottom bowl to keep it from rolling around all over the place.


Be sure not to cover your plug hole! You need to be able to let the air out when you're all finished to let your ball out. Several people thought that you would have to pop a hole in your exercise ball in order to get it out. This will be the bottom of your ball where your body will go through so it can be fairly big and open. 

Once it's completely dry it's ready for paint. Take the ball out first! It'll kind of stick to the sides so just reach your hand inside and help to peel off. 

YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST DO A PRIMER COAT! I made the mistake of going through about four cans of green spray paint when I made the Mike Wazowski costume before I decided to go back and do a primer base. The newspaper print just shows through. I usually use a brush and acrylic craft paint for the primer coat. I find it to be a good solid coat and I don't have to use so much spray paint. I chose to use white as the base because I wanted the silver metallic to really pop and be very true to color. When I did Mike Wazowski I used a pale yellow base. I painted in stages. I painted the ball before I put on the arms and then again after I put on the arms.

 I found two things at Home Depot that I couldn't live without! Silver Metallic Spray paint by 
Rust-Oleum. It claimed to be 2x the coverage. I found it to be pretty accurate. I used almost two cans. I also found Chrome duct tape by Duck brand. This stuff was a lifesaver! 

Once you've got it all painted you're ready to cut out the holes. I started by cutting the head hole first using a razor blade or an exacto knife. I started with the head because I wanted the rest of the structure to be as sturdy as possible when I cut it out to give me the most strength.
I measured my daughter's head and took a rough guess. On my ball there are circles which actually came in very handy! I just cut along the circle that I thought was the size of her head.  
I used my handy dandy chrome duct tape and wrapped the edges so it was finished. Then I taped in a headband.

The other detail I think added a lot to her costume was the headlamp. It actually was very helpful for Halloween night too!

This is the top where her head came through. You can see I had to add strips of duct tape because the head hole was a little too large for the costume to stay on. I slipped it over her head and figured out where her shoulders could come out. This is just a guess and trial and error thing. I cut X's and then went back and made them circles. Be sure they are kind of a tight fit for your dryer ducting to fit into. Better to be too small than too big. Here is the inside view.

I used the chrome duct tape to secure it to the exterior and interior.

My dryer ducting was originally white, but you could have saved time and a step of painting by using silver. I got this for free so I used what I had. I think there was about 25 ft. but I didn't use that much.

Then it was time to put on the claw parts. This was a joint effort by my husband and I. 
I cut out the cardboard X shape by just free hand drawing. Then I bent it a little to give it the effect of being a pincher.
It was Daddy's job to figure out how the heck to attach them to the dryer ducting. Thank goodness he is a man and thought of zip ties. I think I need to utilize this amazing tool much more often! They need to go into my crafting supplies box so I remember them.

Once secure it was time to paint all the arms. We only chose to put pinchers on 4 of the six and shortened the two side arms so that she could stick her arms in and actually hold her candy bucket. 

Then VOILA! You're a The Robot! Oh and the silvery pants she wore were hijacked off a Disco Barbie Costume from about 10 years ago. I'm sure you could find some or sew some or spray paint some. 



  1. cool costumes - did you make the Sully costume for your husband? The best I found online was sold out until Sept.

    Jason (

  2. Amazing costume! Just curious if the five layers of paper mache held up all night. I'd like to make a huge volleyball the same way & was curious how sturdy the final project was or if there was any need/reason to reinforce?